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Film - Cinematography - Presentations and Worksheets DISCOUNTED BUNDLE

Film - Cinematography - Presentations and Worksheets DISCOUNTED BUNDLE


This is a discounted BUNDLE of resources to introduce your students to the effects of  cinematography.  It enables an easy transition into a discussion of how these aspects affect meaning and fulfill the director's purpose in your class study of a film or documentary.  (Note:  each of the resources in this bundle is also sold in store separately and would also be suitable for a class studying film making.)


This bundle contains these FIVE super useable resources - click on the links to find out more about each:

  1. Shot sizes (presentation plus glossary worksheet)
  2. Camera Angles (presentation plus glossary worksheet)
  3. Lighting (presentation, glossary worksheet plus and interactive activity)
  4. Mise-en-scene (presentation plus student workbook)
  5. One of the Glitter and Glue mini lessons series on Film Techniques (Set 18) which calls on shots from the short NZ film Tama Tu to explore camer angles and shot sizes.

Students can complete all worksheets/activities digitally or, if your printing budget is flush, on a printed version.


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