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Film Study - Lighting Techniques

Film Study - Lighting Techniques


Study 8 key lighting techniques and effects as part of your film or documentary studies with this PowerPoint presentation as well as an interactive activity and an editable glossary worksheet. Films as literature are priceless for engaging students in how language techniques fulfill purpose and suggest ideas - skills they can then more easily take into their written text studies. Win! Win!


This resource is also appropriate for learning about movie making!


Slides cover 8 lighting effects, showing: ☆ Position of light sources - frontal lighting, back lighting, silhouette lighting, top lighting, side lighting, underlighting, high-key lighting and colour. (Note: low-key and chiaroscuro lighting are also woven into this presentation) ☆ Audience point of view - What shots using these light sources look like. ☆ General effects of each lighting technique.


Students complete a glossary - which can be done on a printed worksheet or on their devices - as you proceed through the presentation.


Finally, students are given a fun, interactive task to analyse the lighting in a shot from their class film/documentary study. This task can be printed and completed by hand or completed online (it's editable).


This resource includes:

⭐ A PowerPoint presentation covering light sources and their effects

⭐ An editable glossary - Print or share online.

⭐ An editable worksheet activity for analysis - students can enjoy some hands-on cutting, gluing, and writing on a printable version, or you can share it online for them to drag, drop and type. AN EXAMPLAR IS PROVIDED WITH THIS.


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ Clear visual representations of light source positions and what each looks like.

❤️ A brief but robust description of the effects of each light source to take into an analysis of lighting in your own film or documentary study.

❤️ A glossary that can be glued into a book or folder for future reference.

❤️ A fun interactive activity that begins with some visual fun and ends with a robust, well-scaffolded analysis. You'll also enjoy the choice of completing this by hand or on a device.


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