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Official NZ Websites for English Teachers
(Those ones you can never find!!!!)

Click on the white links below!

Map of key sites for New Zealand teachers. Includes NCEA, NZQA and MOE links.


Beehive - Education Portfolio announcements (because it's like a box of chocolates 😆😝🤣)

NCEA - Achievement Standards

On the new NCEA website:

On the new NZQA website

​Also helpful:

  • NCEA - The Latest News - Recently posted, in development etc - good to keep an eye on this!

  • Understanding how NCEA Requirements are Changing (This includes info on using new Level 1 material with 'old' level 2 and 3 in your course (scroll down towards the bottom of their page.))

  • Level 1 Subject Learning Outcomes



*** ​

See also the 'older' requirements pages:​


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