Literacy Lifesaver

Literacy Lifesaver


Struggling with where to start when working through short texts (in particular) with your high school students?  I did!  I didn't know where to start, what order to do anything in, and I pretty much had no decent reading strategies in my toolkit.  Many years, workshops, discussions with primary teachers and research hours later, I managed to put this together.  I used it so much that I laminated the 'steps and strategies' pages!  It was always floating around on my desk.


You are strongly advised to download the Literacy Strategies Book for Years 9-13 to go with this resource.  It's GOLD.


How do you use this resource

  1. Choose your text, then work through which steps and which strategies within those steps you'd like students to go through BEFORE they read.  Write down what you plan in the empty template (provided in this resource).
  2. Next, plan which steps you'd like to go through DURING and/or AFTER reading.  From the guide, choose which strategies within each step you'd like to use.  Fill these in in the empty planning template provided.


There are some extra notes in green that relate to NCEA English Levels 1-3.  Having said that, this resource can be used at any level in any subject (because we are all teachers of literacy)!


Purchasing this product will give you both a PDF and an editable MS Word doc version.  This guide lists 8 steps and accompanying strategies for BEFORE reading the text, and 14 steps and accompanying strategies for DURING/AFTER reading the text. You then have a guiding template for planning the study of your own specific text. Tried and tested well and truly and it really was a lifesaver for me. 6 pages of strategies, plus your own planning pages. In fact, I got the strategies pages laminated because they had such a tough life! Feel confident teaching literacy at secondary level in particular. 

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    A lot of work went into this.  I’d prefer you kept this resource to yourself.  I’m happy for you to share larger products (like the Achievement Standard and Unit Standard tasks) with others in your department, but this is just a wee price.  Buy your own, and let others buy theirs.  Cheers!  😊