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Film Study - Mise-en-Scene

Film Study - Mise-en-Scene


Mise-en-Scene is a powerful technique to analyse in studies of film, documentary or stage productions. Meaning "placement on stage", it's about the way people, objects, colour, lighting etc are placed in a single shot. Analysing the use of mise-en-scene is integral to students' understanding of visual language techniques and the way they work together to create meanings and serve the director's purpose.


❤️ You'll love it when the penny drops for students and they have that, "No WAY!" moment! ❤️


This resource includes:

⭐ A PowerPoint presentation.

⭐ An editable student workbook - Print or share online for students to work through during your presentation. This workbook is a lifeline for further class study or homework, and forms a valuable reference for essays and test/exam preparation later.


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