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Digital, printable work booklets for NZQA Achievement and Unit Standard Tasks

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About our Achievement and Unit Standard Tasks

  • Complete workbooks.  Editable in Microsoft.

  • Clear, logically sequenced instructions.

  • Hyperlinks.

  • Scaffolding tools to encourage success.

  • Unpacked Achievement Criteria.

  • Cover sheets included in Unit Standard task booklets.

  • Buy one, then print and share as many as you like (within your school).  Happy days!

  • Reasonably priced. (Because I know teachers often spend their OWN money on resources!)

  • Currently trialing explanatory videos to go with resources.  Feedback welcome!

All resources come in Microsoft and Google but as of May 2020 you get Microsoft and an Interactive Google version.  This means one purchase gives you 4 versions so hopefully all your needs covered!  Again, feedback welcome.

Glitter and Glue lesson starters - Set 13 out now!

Focus of this set:  Unfamiliar Texts - finding key ideas and evidence, discussing how evidence explains the main idea, and MORE.

Editable in Microsoft. 

This new set is MASSIVE and includes extra resources not normally available in standard Glitter and Glue sets.  Enjoy!

Note:  subscribers get free access to the Google Slides version for 24 hours when our newsletter is emailed out every second Friday ... so, subscribe, then MAKE A COPY before it disappears! 

Newsletters will be appearing once a month while I work part time for the next 4 months on a private resource-writing contract sorry.  ...EDIT!  Did I say once a month???  Ummm...let's leave it at as soon as humanly possible!  Sorry - a bit snowed under!


Latest Ach Std Task

3.7 Connections

Across Texts


Latest Unit Std Task


Select, Read and Assess Texts on a Topic 

(Level 2)


Latest English

Subject Resource

1.3 Unfamiliar Texts!



Latest Life Saver!

Help students keep track of the notes you provide for each unit.

Works like a CHARM!


Latest Blog Post

Just do it!

Write a Year 12 essay - best PD ever!

Insta and home page Just do it! The best


Hi!  I'm Sue de Lautour.  I have over 20 years'  experience teaching High School English and live in Tauranga, New Zealand.  This site was first designed to cater for the needs of teachers with regard to Achievement and Unit Standard tasks.  Everything else here I've added as the urge has hit! 


When it comes to Achievement Standards and Unit Standards, I know for sure that teachers need resources they can:

  • afford

  • edit (to put  their own spin on them)

  • share  online with their students

  • share with colleagues without having to worry about the copyright police arriving

  • rely on to guide students to success.

Students need resources that:

  • allow them to work independently, at their own pace

  • are a little more 21st Century

  • 'speak' to them clearly ... in teen lingo (yes, yes, an oxymoron)

  • look (at least reasonably) cool.


​So, Drive Resources is here!  The idea is that you do what I've been doing - sharing the task booklets to students through Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive - hence the name Drive Resources.  Alternatively, you could upload documents to your Google Classroom or Microsoft Class Notebook, or even email students the word document.  Of course, you can always just hit 'print' to give out hard copies.  Our latest resources include a PDF version also.

As mentioned above, everything else began to follow as needs, requests and the desire hit!  Eg:  Website pages you can never find (NZQA pages... cough... cough).  So that's what I'm doing!  You might even find Drive Resources your new 'go to' site! 

One last thing - do feel free to check out the link below (in the red panel) to Google folders full of free resources - my old teaching ones.  Pillage and plunder at your leisure!


Feel free to contact me with your feedback or resource requests.  Nga mihi, Sue.

Link to a Few of My Old Teaching Resources

Free - Google Drive Folders

So, I've dumped a few things in a Google folder straight from my school folders.  They are full of collections of old bits and bobs you are welcome to wade through.  They're not pretty, not organised, some are even incomplete, and include bits I've scrounged from elsewhere ... so good luck!  Here is the link to the Google Folder which is, of course, set to view only (so make a copy if you want to edit / keep anything).

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