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Film Study - Shot Sizes

Film Study - Shot Sizes


Study 7 key shot sizes as part of your film or documentary studies with this PowerPoint presentation as well as an interactive activity and an editable glossary worksheet. Films as literature are priceless for engaging students in how language techniques fulfill purpose and suggest ideas - skills they can then more easily take into their written text studies. Win! Win!


This resource is also appropriate for learning about movie making!


Slides cover 7 shot sizes, showing:

☆ Audience point of view - Extreme close-up, big close-up, close-up, medium close-up, mid shot, extreme long shot (aka wide shot or establishing shot)

☆ General effects of each shot.

☆ Complete view of all shot sizes in one helpful image Students complete a glossary - which can be done on a printed worksheet or on their devices - as you proceed through the presentation. Finally, students are given a fun, interactive task to create their own pictures to illustrate shot sizes ... using their mobile phones.


This resource includes:

⭐ A PowerPoint presentation covering shot sizes, their effects plus instructions for an interactive student activity.

⭐ An editable glossary - two designs - A-Z or in an order that lists terms in order according to 'zoom'. Print or share online.


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ Clear visual representations of shot sizes.

❤️ A brief but robust description of the effects of each shot to take into an analysis of shots from your own film or documentary study.

❤️ A fun interactive activity on students' phones (or other device) that provides them with a record of shot sizes to refer to later.

❤️ A glossary that can be glued into a book or folder for future reference. You'll also love the ability to decide between two different designs PLUS the choice of completing this in printable form or online.



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