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Unpacking the Documentary - Reference and Workbook

Unpacking the Documentary - Reference and Workbook


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Please note this resource is included in the Achievement Standard task for 3.9 Close Viewing – For Mature Audiences Only.

This is an editable senior textbook and workbook in one about the documentary.  'Generic' activities are included for students to complete in relation to sections of the booklet.   It can be used as a student reference book as you work through lessons around a class text and/or it can be assigned for students to work on at their own pace in class or at home.  It can also be used as a teachers guide.  It is suitable for use with the visual text and close viewing achievement standards. 


The booklet  comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 document should you wish to print parts of it) and can easily be uploaded to your Google Drive if you prefer.


There is a hyperlinked table of contents page which students can return to easily by clicking on the icons at the top right of any page.


The booklet covers:

  • An introduction – the popularity and pitfalls of the documentary
  • A brief history of the documentary
  • Types of documentary
  • Conventions of documentaries including interviews, voice-over, actuality, re-enactment, captions, graphics and evidence
  • Structural components – including the ‘story’, exposition, characters, montage, editing, wallpaper technique and B-Roll
  • Camera work
  • Sound (briefly)
  • Positioning yourself as a (critically thinking) viewer
  • Truth (or lack thereof)
  • Main idea
  • Purpose
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    This resource is intended for the original purchaser only.

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