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Literacy skills for writing

Literacy - 50 QUICK activities - common errors - syntax - editing


This is a collection of 50 quick literacy activities designed to get your students Literacy Fit for writing - especially your Year 10s!  Think NZQA Literacy co-requisites!  Present as a slide show presentation or print for students to complete in their books.  Slideshow includes hints and answers.   Click here for a wee tour!


Also in this series:


Students complete three short activities:

1.  Fix common errors in the sentences provided.

2.  Arrange the syntax of another sentence provided to make it sound different.

3.  Beautify the sentence provided - editing it to command attention (eg, by using more interesting/emotive vocabulary, figurative language etc.

So, I call these the Lit Fit F.A.B activities, and they're working a TREAT!


This resource includes:

Presentation slideshows for your big screen.  Hints and answers are included in this format. (View only.)

Printable pages - 3 sets per page to save on photocopying, but you can print 2 pages per sheet and it's still readable!  Perfect if you don't have a good big screen!  (View only.)

A table of contents - in a chart form - to show you what common errors are covered in which sets. (View only.)



You'll receive a PDF document with a link to view-only:

🖥️ Google Slides - presentation

🖥️ Google Slides - resized to A4 pages for printing.



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