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Literacy - 50 QUICK activities - reading - language, inferencing, purpose & idea

Literacy - 50 QUICK activities - reading - language, inferencing, purpose & idea


This is a GROWING collection of what will be (in the next couple of weeks)  50 quick literacy activities for reading, designed to get your students Literacy Fit - especially your Year 10s!  Think NZQA Literacy co-requisites!  Present as a slide show presentation or print for students to complete in their books.  Slideshow includes answers.  


Students complete three short activities:

1.  Superpowers -  (those of the writer) - identify language and structural features and describe effects

2.  Inference -  read 'between' and 'beyond' the lines.

3.  Purpose and Idea students look 'behind' the lines.

So, I call these the Lit Fit S.I.P activities!  They've been designed in response the the huge demand for the Lit Fit F.A.B resource and requests for something similar focusing on reading.  Perfect lesson starters for regular reading practice.


This resource includes:

Presentation slideshows for your big screen.  Answers are included. (View only.)

Printable pages - 2 sets per page to save on photocopying, but you can print 2 pages per sheet and it's still readable!  Perfect if you don't have a good big screen!  Answers are included, so print a couple of those too for students to mark their own work.  (View only.)

Tip:  You could have a session printing and laminating to make a giant collection of reusable reading cards for yourself or your department.



You'll receive a PDF document with a link to view-only:

🖥️ Google Slides - presentation

🖥️ Google Slides - resized to A4 pages for printing.



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