G and G BUNDLE 2 - Sets 11-20 (Save $22)

G and G BUNDLE 2 - Sets 11-20 (Save $22)


This is a giant zipped folder of more zipped folders of sets 11-20!  Sets in this bundle include:

Set 11 - Reading for Main Idea, Purpose, Audience

Set 12 - Psychology Bites

Set 13 - Ideas and Evidence (includes bonus activities)

Set 14 - Metalanguage

Set 15 - Narrative Perspective

Set 16 - Making Judgements (critical evaluations of texts)

Set 17 - Developing Your Ideas

Set 18 - Film Techniques

Set 19 - Sound Devices

Set 20 - Text Treasure Hunt (students see what they can find in short texts and annotate them  accordingly)

Clicking on each of the links above will take you to further descriptions about them, as well as a video showing you what is included/involved.

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