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100 Differentiated Essential Mini Lessons for English - Sets 11-20

100 Differentiated Essential Mini Lessons for English - Sets 11-20


Happy days - ten sets of ten EDITABLE mini lessons that include clear reference notes, examples and differentiated activities in close reading - higher-order thinking - narrative perspective - developing ideas in writing and more!  This bundle gives you just over  25% off the price of individual sets.  Whoop-whoop!


Answers are included, as is a bit of 'glitter' to add a touch of fun and end each lesson on a high note!


Every set includes ten lessons in the following 4 formats

Presentation mode

Printable handouts

Digital Activities

Printable task cards

There really is something to suit every need!


This is a giant zipped folder containing Essential 'Glitter and Glue' sets 1-10.

Set 11 - Reading for Main Idea, Purpose, Audience

Set 12 - Psychology Bites

Set 13 - Ideas and Evidence (includes bonus activities)

Set 14 - Metalanguage

Set 15 - Narrative Perspective

Set 16 - Making Judgements (critical evaluations of texts)

Set 17 - Developing Your Ideas

Set 18 - Film Techniques

Set 19 - Sound Devices

Set 20 - Text Treasure Hunt (students see what they can find in short texts and annotate them  accordingly)



  • Try the free sampler here.
  • See previews here.


See the complete catalogue - ❤️ Essential Mini Lessons Series ❤️- designed to ensure you feel confident in a structured program that covers key English skills!



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    This resource may be purchased for department use, but please do NOT share it with the school down the road!

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