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Essential Mini Lessons - FREE SET 1 SAMPLER

Essential Mini Lessons - FREE SET 1 SAMPLER


This is a free sample of Set 1 - Grammar - the Parts of Speech - of  my editable and differentiated mini lessons series.  Answers are included, as is a bit of 'glitterto add a touch of fun to end each lesson on a high note!  In this sample, you'll see 4 of the 10 lessons from the complete set.

The complete version includes 4 formats of each of the TEN Essential Mini Lessons
❶ PRESENTATION SLIDES - Students complete the activity that suits their ability level, then you can click to the next slide for answers. Finish that day's learning point by clicking to a third slide which gives a couple of minutes of fun - often English/ELA related. (Perfect for targeted teaching or lesson starters.)

❷ PRINTABLE HANDOUTS of the activity and answer slides. Perfect if you don't have a big screen, for homework or to have at the ready for relief/sub-lessons. Slides are crammed onto pages for the budget-restricted teacher!

❸ A DIGITAL ACTIVITY VERSION - Share online with students who choose their level, then type answers into the spaces provided. Answers are provided in a separate file to send out to students later. Perfect for homework, class work or sub-lessons.

➍ PRINTABLE TASK CARDS - Keep answer cards separate, making them available later for students to self/peer mark. (Perfect for sub-lessons or early finishers.)


See the complete catalogue - ❤️ Essential Mini Lessons Series ❤️- designed to ensure you feel confident in a structured program that covers key English skills!  See previews of every set HERE!



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