Glitter and Glue Lesson Bites - Set 13 - Main Idea and Evidence

Glitter and Glue Lesson Bites - Set 13 - Main Idea and Evidence


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Focus for this super popular set:

  • Finding the key ideas (walk-fit) and the evidence that illustrates them (yoga-fit), then explaining how the evidence illustrates those main ideas (cross-fit)
  • Ways to discuss how the author manipulates the readers (eg The author reinforces this idea by...)
  • Thinking critically about purpose (included in the extra activity referred to in number 2 below)


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Note: This set is now available in a discounted bundle of sets 11-20, available here.

This set is designed to be used for Years 11-13.


This set has extra material that previous sets don't.  As a result, it is $8 instead of the $5 I usually charge for Glitter and Glue sets.  Also, each day's activities require a longer amount of time, so be prepared for that. 

This resource contains Microsoft PowerPoint slides that include:

1. The complete set - activities, answers and glitter - to work through via your big screen as a class.  There are extra HANDOUTS to go with this.

2.  Extra activities that can be printed or sent to students digitally to 'consolidate' their writing about Unfamiliar Texts.  These activities provide students with the marking guides for each text, then asking them to process that information into long answer formats. It's a brilliant way of scaffolding the discussion of texts.

3. The activities and glue only (send to students digitally as homework, classwork or whatever)

4. The answers only (send to students digitally after they've complete number 2 above)

5. Tasks cards you can print and laminate (leave in your room for earlier finishers for example)

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please do NOT share this resource with ANYone, including your colleagues.  It nearly killed me to produce it.  ;)