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Podcast Short Story & Thematic Activities on Consumerism

Podcast Short Story & Thematic Activities on Consumerism


This is a fun collection of activities about consumerism that bounces from the Storylink Radio Podcast - What You Want.  Students listen to the podcast (just under 30 minutes, so easily completed in a lesson), then:

  1. Complete a set of differentiated listening comprehension questions.  These could be completed individually, in pairs or in a small group - you can edit the instructions at the top of the page to let students know.  ANSWERS are included.
  2. Choose from a range of 20 activities to complete about the theme of consumerism.  You can edit the instructions at the top of the page to let your class know how many you want them to do.  Activities include things such as:
  • Making a list of things they really want in life.
  • Compiling a photo log of all the advertising they come across over the course of a day.  (The main character is bombarded by advertising - to what extent are we bombarded to?)
  • Finding a set of songs/waiata about consumerism/greed and creating a playlist or poster to share with the class of what we should be listening to.
  • Looking up Maslow's hierarchy of needs, then completing their own one - a serious one.  Students are encouraged to think about values from te ao Māori such as whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, mana, aroha...
  • Watching YouTube clips about people's attempts to stop consumerism and compiling an infographic of what they learn.
  • Asking an elderly neighbour, koro or nan about what they wanted as a teenager, then using a Venn diagram to compare with the students own - wants 'then' and 'now'.
  • For the readers, grabbing MT Anderson's novel, Feed from the library....and plenty of other activities!


This is a great little 'unit' for the end of the year, when you're all exhausted but you want something meaningful to give students.  Yay!!


You'll get three files:

  1. Teacher version - includes instructions/suggestions.
  2. Student booklet
  3. Answers to the comprehension questions.


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