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Advertising - Persuasive Language and Trends

Advertising - Persuasive Language and Trends


Persuasive language is super interesting when we study advertising!  This is a comprehensive deep dive for seniors that covers ethos, pathos and logos as they appear in written and visual language.  It acknowledges the fast-changing (worrying!) trends dictated by technology and influencers in particular.  Multiple documents including teacher presentation, teacher guide, student reference and workbooks make this a complete no-prep and engaging unit.


⭐⭐⭐Flip through the student reference/workbook here!⭐⭐⭐


NZ teachers, this is perfect to help you and your students through the NCEA Achievement Standard, 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of how context shapes language.  See also the Language of Social Media.


With this resource you get:

  1. A student reference/workbook (the mothership)
  2. A flatpacked version of the reference/workbook that students cannot destroy the format of (well, not too much anyway) - up to you if you want to share this version with them.
  3. A student glossary booklet/template - they create their own glossary as they work through 'the mothership' mentioned above.
  4. A student analysis scrapbook, including two examples of the analysis of advertisements, then templates to complete their own analyses.
  5. An accompanying teacher PowerPoint presentation for your big screen to help you work through 'the mothership' together.
  6. A teacher glossary for your own reference.


The 'mothership' (student reference/workbook) covers:

✅ 'Your feed' - the ways in which we are exposed to advertising.

✅ Advertising today - including consumerism, influencers, endorsements etc

✅ Visual language techniques

✅ Imagery

✅ Propaganda - the fine line between advertising, persuasion and propaganda

✅ Weasel words

✅ Selling emotions, not products

✅ Styling

✅ Making comparisons

✅ Tricky ways to describe

✅ Sentence structures and types

✅ Sounds

✅ Taglines and slogans

✅ The call to action

✅ The entertainment factor

✅ Recapping - what advertisements do to appeal to US.

✅ A reflection of our society

✅ The future of advertising



These documents are editable.  They've been created in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages - except for the teacher one for your big screen).  You can easily upload these to Google.



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