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1.1 Context shapes language of social media

Language of Social Media - Student workbook and teacher presentation


This resource guides students through the language of social media and includes notes and short activities.   Manage the teaching sides of things with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation that has the relevant page from the student workbook noted on each slide.


This would be perfect for the new NCEA Achievement Standard - 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of how context shapes verbal language use.  (You might also like the Language of Advertising resource for this standard.)


This resource covers:

  • The dynamic and conversational style of the language of social media.
  • The different expectations of various platforms (very briefly)
  • Neologism
  • Semantic change
  • Shortening (aka clipping or truncating)
  • Abbreviating
  • Spelling (including phonetic spelling and homophones)
  • The troubles with this language spilling over into 'formal' spaces and the generational divide it causes (covered briefly).
  • How language has changed
  • Language that's designed to engaged (and an expanded list of techniques)
  • The active voice 
  • The raw, reactive and self-serving nature of the language of social media
  • Formatting (not really language, but I couldn't resist)
  • A couple of wee annotation activities
  • Purpose and audience.


This resource includes:

⭐ A completely editable student information/workbooklet (put your own spin on things if you like).

⭐ A flat-packed student booklet.  Perfect for sharing online because students can edit only the parts they're SUPPOSED to edit!

⭐ A PDF version of the student booklet.

⭐ A completely editable accompanying teacher's PowerPoint presentation to help you teach the 'unit'.  Each slide has a wee note to help you see which page it relates to in the student workbook.


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ A table of contents page - for online users this is hyperlinked.

❤️ A homepage button at the corner of each page of the student workbook to take them back to the table of contents.

❤️ Keeping students focussed, aiding understanding and getting those class discussions going with the help of the accompanying teacher PowerPoint presentation.

❤️ Studying a topic that students are interested in and that opens itself up to a bit of fun and humour.

❤️ Helpful graphics.

❤️ Short activities that will keep students engaged.  



🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to an A4 page.   This means your resource: 

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.
  • Is printable 📃

🖥️ A flat-packed version - this means your students can edit digitally ONLY the parts they should.  The rest is locked down to prevent them damaging it.

🖥️ A PDF version


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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Buy one for your department but please do NOT share this with your mate at another school, or take it with you when you move to another school.  

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