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Junior Secondary Project - Ancestry.Me

Junior Secondary Project - Ancestry.Me


See a video of this product here!

Great for the beginning or end of the year when you need to 'park' a bit!  This is the first of several in a series of projects for your Year 9 and 10 students (aka Grades 8 and 9), although it could easily be used for most Year 7 and 8s too.  It involves students:

  • constructing as much of their family tree as they can for both the mother's and father's side;
  • putting the spotlight on one ancestor in particular
  • looking into how their ancestors came to New Zealand
  • Investigating an aspect of their ancestry of their choice
  • Choosing and annotating a song (or poem if you/they prefer) that resonates with their family or an ancestor, and then annotating it to explain why
  • Reflecting on their work and commenting on the work of two others in their class.

Included for your help, as well as your students' is an instruction page and a time management page.  Each of these have wee audio files to help explain them.

Hyperlinked tabs make navigation easy and 'interactive' in this Microsoft PowerPoint resource which can then be easily uploaded to your Google Drive if you prefer to share it with students that way.


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please keep this resource to yourself.  It's only $5 afterall, but it makes a big difference to me.  :)

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