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Junior Secondary Project - Backyard Bucket List

Junior Secondary Project - Backyard Bucket List


Take a tour through this resource here.

A good old webquest about good old New Zealand.  Students create a scrapbook of what they'd love to see and do in Āotearoa assuming they have an unlimited budget!   I'm hoping all the work is done for you, because it comes with:

  • Student instructions (including presentation ideas)
  • A time management schedule
  • Student pages that include helpful websites
  • A page for students to insert a song they thing suits how they feel about New Zealand or one of its places/activities
  • A page for student reflection

All in a neat digital notebook with clickable tabs.


This would also be a great resource for your ESL students so file it away for them too!

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Be nice.  Get your mates to buy their own!   (Okay, be nice to me, not your mates ... errr ... you know what I mean!)

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