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Fast and Accurate Writing Activity - Daily Dash

Fast and Accurate Writing Activity - Daily Dash


This writing activity is the perfect practice for any level but particularly brilliant for Litnum writing and NCEA 1.3 Writing standard for NCEA. 


Read/view how this activity works here.   Students write for 2-5 minutes as quickly as they can.    Students then count the number of words they've written and graph results.  Next step: get students to proofread, then divide the number of words by their mistakes and graph that result instead.  Later you can add more - watch the video to see!



❤️ Cure blank-page paralysis - show students they can just start writing!

❤️ Hone skills in writing for audience and purpose

❤️ Practice proofreading skills 

❤️ Build fun around writing, and 

❤️ Settle students in seconds if you use this as a lesson starter!


This resource includes:

PowerPoint presentation for your big screen with slides you just click and type your prompt, genre, audience and purpose into.   To use:

  1. As students enter the classroom, have your GET READY!  slide up.  (6 designs to choose from).
  2. Once they're ready, flick to your prompt slide.
  3. When the timer has finished click to slide to help students graph results.
  4. Add slides to plan your prompts for each day of the week!

2 x printable graphs for students - one goes up in 2s to 50 (I suggest starting with this one), the other goes up in 5s to 100.   Printable instructions for students are included.

Whiteboard cues with 'Prompt - Write about', 'Genre', 'Audience' and 'Purpose'.  Print and laminate to stick on your whiteboard.  Note:  these could be used for reading lessons too!

Teacher instructions.



Microsoft PowerPoin.   This means your resource: 

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.


For further information

See my blog post about the Daily Dash here.



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