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Static Images

Static Images


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With this resource you get:

  • A student reference and workbook which guides high school students through the study of static images, a branch of visual language.   This 24-page COMPLETELY EDITABLE booklet includes 15 student activities.  It's aimed at Year 11 to 13, but as it's editable you could pick and choose parts for younger year levels.  Print or share with your students to work through on line ... however you might prefer the flatpacked version for the latter!  
  • flatpacked student workbook.  This is the same workbook but the text and formatting cannot be edited (destroyed!) by fiddling students (when sharing with them digitally).  However they CAN add their idea/answers into editable fields.
  • An accompanying teacher PowerPoint presentation for your big screen.  Again, this is completely EDITABLE.  It inclues answers for the shorter activities that appear in the student booklet.


The resource covers:

  • What a static image is.
  • The relevance of static images in terms of our society as well as how learning the features of static images helps with other areas of study in English.
  • Connotations of colours and objects (symbolism)
  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • Layout, including balance, the rule of thirds, dominant images, whitespace and positioning.
  • Links between written and visual features, as well as how these combine to link to (communicate and enhance) a main idea.
  • The analysis of static images including identifying visual features, the main idea and what this suggests about human nature or society.
  • The creation of students' own static images.
  • A glossary for visual language features.
  • A glossary for written language features - commonly found in the language of advertising/persuasive language.


Static images are a great precursor to film studies and also the language of advertising.   Use this booklet also to work through the skills required for achievement standards involving visual language.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please do not share this with your colleagues or mates!  Departmental purchases invoiced to schools are excempt.  Flick me an email for your departmental purchasing code!

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