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Point of View - Perspective - Literature and Events Through Different Lenses

Point of View - Perspective - Literature and Events Through Different Lenses


Help students think critically about points of view - to consider the perspective through which they and other groups or audiences view literature, historical or current events. This super fun cross-curricular resource works brilliantly for studying texts and events in English, Social Studies, and History.


What high school student doesn't still love a chance to get out their colouring pencils?! What teacher doesn't want to instill a true sense of empathy in their students?


Students use colours and symbols on a pair of glasses to represent their experiences, views and beliefs. (Also provided is an example of how a particular lens shapes the reaction of the reader to a text.) They then consider how those 'glasses' - their 'lens' - influence them to react to texts or events. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they then consider the point of view of others - how that point of view is formed and how it influences those other audiences or groups in society to react the way they do.


Further pages enable students to respond to:

  • text through their own lens, then through the lens of person from a background different to their own, and then
  • situation through their own lens, then through the lens of another. (This is great for history teachers or when looking at political or confronting situations.)


Students can use the resource online, or it can be printed. (I'd print it as it's easier to colour-in on paper!)


This resource can be used as a precursor to my Literary Judgements resource (a one-page reference matrix) and also the mini-course (lesson bites) - Glitter and Glue Set 16 - Forming Literary Judgements.


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