My Lens - Their Lens (How we form our points of view)

My Lens - Their Lens (How we form our points of view)


This resource encourages students to think critically about points of view and to consider the lens with which they approach their reading, viewing or listening. It asks them to use colours and symbols on a pair of glasses to represent their experiences, views and beliefs. The resource then provides an example of how a particular lens shapes the reaction of the reader to a text.


Further pages enable students to respond to:

  • text through their own lens, then through the lens of person from a background different to their own, and then
  • situation through their own lens, then through the lens of another. (This is great for history teachers or when looking at political or confronting situations.)


The resource is in PowerPoint enabling you to add excerpts to pages or edit it to suit your needs. It also means that students can type into it. Please note, the main graphic of the coloured-in glasses with the labels around them is not editable. It has been 'captured' to prevent damage.


This resource can be used as a precursor to my Literary Judgements resource (a one-page reference matrix) and also the mini-course (lesson bites) - Glitter and Glue Set 16 - Forming Literary Judgements.

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