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Making literary judgements

Making Literary Judgements - Evaluating Texts


This is a single page matrix that concentrates on four aspects to consider when evaluating texts, also referred to as making literary judgements or applying literary criticism.


The four aspects are arranged in a matrix that looks at criticism through two view points. These are:

  • personal and subjective, and
  • technical and objective


Within this matrix lie four aspects to consider. These create an acronym (LETS or LEST) which covers:

  • Lens - looking through your own lens and the lenses of others.
  • Expectations - what expectations are we going into the reading with?
  • Techniques - what techniques has the creator used and what are the effects of those?
  • So what?! - So, what is the creator showing us about our world and human nature?


If you're a bit stressed about how to give your senior students an overview as to how to tackle literary criticism, then this is your go-to!


This resource is in a PDF format. The one-pager comes in four different designs to suit your/your students' tastes.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Share with your students, not your colleagues.  Yes, you CAN be a little bit selfish today.  ;)  Thank you.

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