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EL Reading - diagnostic and formative testing for English Language Learners

EL Reading - diagnostic and formative testing for English Language Learners


Needing reading passages and activities specifically designed to assess current abilities and next steps for your English Language Learners? These ESL comprehension activities cater for English learners at five different stages of language ability. Passages have been analysed to ensure they align with IELTS, TOEFL, CEFR and ELLP(NZ). Activities have been carefully created and sequenced to follow a sound reading process.  Feedback was provided by New Zealand EL teachers during creation.

These tests were initially designed for ESL teachers who needed to know student levels prior to class placement. Teachers now also use them for formative assessment practices.

Mainstream teachers, these are a brilliant way to get to know the ESL student that's just landed (often unexpectedly) into your classroom!

This resource includes:

⭐ Document 1: Teacher Notes/Guidelines, grading rubric, reading passages and activity ANSWERS.
⭐ Document 2: Reading passages and activities - 5 levels.

Reading activity sections include:
✅ Vocabulary
✅ Summarising
✅ Sequencing
✅ Reading ON the lines
✅ Main ideas and details
✅ Reading BETWEEN the lines (inferencing)
✅ Comparing
✅ Cause and consequence
✅ Reading BEYOND the lines
✅ Fact or opinion
✅ Idioms - meaning
Note: lower levels do not do all of these (eg idioms)!


You will enjoy

❤️ Carefully designed texts.  Please note, the texts themselves are NOT editable.

❤️ Scaffolded instructions, including graphics to help clarify what students must do.
❤️ Graphics to help with some of the vocabulary in each text.
❤️ Tables to easily type or write into (for lower ability students).  (Editable.)
❤️ Clearly labelled activity sections.
❤️ Activity sections deliberately sequenced to follow a sound reading process.  Activities are EDITABLE.
❤️ A grading rubric that's carefully aligned with activity sections to make marking faster and simpler. It is also EDITABLE.
❤️Answers for all activities.


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