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Formative Assessment Tool - Flashcards and Strips

Formative Assessment Tool - Flashcards and Strips


Some of my students weren't telling me how they were REALLY feeling about the tasks I'd set - I'm a high school teacher so a lot of it was that 'meh' attitude that teenagers get, but some were too shy to say (especially my ESOL students)! I think also, part of it was that they weren't tuning in to the fact that they needed to actively think about how they were going. So I invented these cards (well, okay, I began with a really simple emoji version which I've now jazzed up) - and THEY WORKED! So I'm passing this awesome too that provides you with great formative assessment 'data' as students work.


Use either the strips or the flashcards, placing one set in front of each student. Each student can indicate how they're feeling about the task at hand by moving the marker on the strip / flipping over to the right flashcard.


YOU can easily spot issues AT A GLANCE by scanning across the room or as you wander among your students. Students don't need to call out, the quiet ones still have a 'voice', you don't need to disturb students by asking if they're okay - win, win, win!


Based on the colours of traffic lights, students choose from:

  • RED: I need help.
  • ORANGE: I'm struggling a bit, getting the wobbles ... but I'm okay ...but please keep an eye on me.
  • GREEN: This work is perfect for me - a bit of a challenge, but I know with a bit of thought I'm going to be all good!
  • BLUE: (Okay, so there's no blue traffic light I know!) This card is for the odd student who feels they've nailed this skill and need something a bit more challenging - ie 'extend me'.


A pleasant surprise that also came with the use of these cards was that students felt that they had to be 'engaged' with the work because they knew I was looking for their 'reporting' (via their card) regarding how they were going with it! Happy days!


In this resource you get:

A clear set of instructions regarding how to make and use the flashcards or strips.

3 versions of flashcard levels (in colour and a black and white version):

  • basic smiley face (Great for even the littlest of littlies ... or for a bit of fun for teens, LOL!)
  • Simple language version (great for students who have English as their second language)
  • Middle school / High school version

3 versions of strip levels:

  • basic smiley face
  • Simple language version (great for students who have English as their second language)
  • Middle school / High school version


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    A lot of work went into this.  I’d prefer you kept this resource to yourself.  I’m happy for you to share larger products (like the Achievement Standard and Unit Standard tasks) with others in your department, but this is just a wee price.  Buy your own, and let others buy theirs.  Cheers!  😊

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