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EL Writing - diagnostic & formative tests - 5 stages of English Language Learner

EL Writing - diagnostic & formative tests - 5 stages of English Language Learner


We often have ESL students arrive in our class at short notice and need to assess their writing skills very quickly - eg vocabulary, sentence structures, ideas and even their script. These writing tasks have been carefully designed to test English language learners at five different ability levels with instructions, topics, graphics, word banks and modelled sentence structures where needed (depending on the level).

Two grading guides have been included - you choose which works best for you. Both have been designed to record current ability levels and next steps in learning in a practical and no fuss manner that is both robust in practice and quick and easy to use.

This resource includes:

⭐ Document 1: Teacher notes and grading rubrics (2 rubric formats to choose from).
⭐ Document 2: Student tasks for each of the five levels.

Writing topics include:
✍ Stage 4: Climate change (opinion) and A great teen life (persuasive)
✍ Stage 3: Climate change (opinion) and A great teen life (persuasive)
✍ Stage 2: Climate change - What do you think? (opinion) Yesterday, what did you do? (recount) My ✍ favourite Place (description)
✍ Stage 1: What I like doing, My family, and My plane ride
✍ Foundation: Me (students write what they can about themselves) and school


You and your students will enjoy

❤️ Beautiful graphics to help prompt ideas.
❤️ Word banks for students at stages 2-foundation.
❤️ Modelled sentence structures for students at stages 1 and foundation.
❤️ Vocabulary-picture matching (which they then use as a word bank) for foundation level students.
❤️ Space for students at stages 1 and foundation to write on the test paper itself (upper levels use their own paper).


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