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Worksheets for the International - EL - Student in your MAINSTREAM class

Worksheets for the International - EL - Student in your MAINSTREAM class


An English Language learner is in your mainstream class but where will you find the time to adapt and differentiate for that student?! The guilt is real, right?!


These EDITABLE activities for ESL students suit ANY subject area and cater for multiple learning strategies. Just fill in the gaps, print and distribute! (Tip: always print for second language learners - it's easier for them to work on paper than it is on a digital doc.) I've included EXAMPLES to help you too!


This resource includes:

⭐ A quick and super-effective strategy to check if the level of a text is right for your student(s). (Also great for middle/high school students who struggle.)

⭐ A fun tool to check how a student REALLY feels about the work you've given them. (You know how they always say they're okay and don't need help...even though they're panicking?!)

⭐ A 'get to know you' activity (for 2 levels).

⭐ An activity to help your ESL learner meet others in the class (for 2 levels).

⭐ A blank template of decorative squares (use for brainstorming, descriptions of different tools, characters, formula etc...)

⭐ A reading comprehension template

⭐ A 'what do you know?' / 'what do you WANT to know' template (includes space for student's to ask and answer their own questions).

⭐ A comparison template (Venn diagram)

⭐ A true or false template (called 'Yes, or No' because it's easier for beginner English leaners to understand)

⭐ A new vocabulary template that includes drawing a picture.

⭐ A new vocabulary template that involves recording sentences on a device.

⭐ A choice board

⭐ A template for differentiated activities - hard, harder, hardest.

⭐ A template for students to find and watch a topic-related video and record their learning.

⭐ A template for students to write instructions about how to do something - consolidating what you've taught them. (Eg: how to conduct a science experiment, care for art equipment,...)

⭐ A template for you to provide basic instructions. Beginners cannot follow oral instructions or your quick notes on the board. They need clear, simple-to-read instructions. There's space for you to add thumbnail sketches on this template too!

❤️ A separate document of worksheet EXAMPLES TO HELP YOU!



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