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US26625 Spoken Interactions - V7 - Group - TECH ME THEME

US26625 Spoken Interactions - V7 - Group - TECH ME THEME


This resource guides students through the art of interacting in a group – an element of Unit Standard 26625 Actively Participate in Spoken Interactions.  Under the new version 7, the achievement criteria remain the same as version 6 (therefore version 6 is still valid), however the collection of evidence varies slightly.  Under version 7, teachers must make an overall judgement of students’ ability to participate in conversations based on:

  • At least one one-to one situation, and
  • At least one group situation.


This resource covers the aspect of group conversations.  Click here for a video explanation and walk-through of the files included in this resource (also listed below). 


This product includes:

  • A student workbook on participating actively in group conversations (this simply takes them through the skills required, so is not part of the assessment). This booklet is completely editable so teachers can put their own spin on it if desired.  It is also sold separately here.  To see what’s covered in this workbook, click here.
  • A ‘flat-packed’ version of the student workbook.  This version would be my preferred option to send to students digitally as, apart from the parts that students write in, its formatting is frozen to avoid accidental deletion. 
  • Scenarios related to the Tech Me theme.  Scenarios begin with an independent student activity to help them prepare for a group conversation later in the period/week.  They also include group pages to complete as part of their group project.  A blank scenario template is also included should you wish to write your own.  Naturally, this file is completely editable.
  • Coversheets and observation notes to help teachers with their grading.  Yes, conversations can be recorded, but it’s always a good idea to take notes too!  With this you can make notes under each of the achievement criteria and note if skills shown in a conversation would reach the standard.  Coversheets and observation notes for this standard are also sold separately here.  Again, this file is completely editable.  You can flick through it here.



This resource comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages). This means you can:

  • Edit / Tweak it t suit your / your students' needs.
  • Uplad to Google if you prefer ‘Slides’ over PowerPoint.  (Yes, the dimensins will remain as A4 pages.)
  • Share with students digitally s that they can complete the work on their laptops.
  • Print as hard cpy work booklets.



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    You are welcome to share this with your buddies in the department you are in / were in at the time of purchase.  Also, use it with as many students as you wish.  But PLEASE be fair and do not share it with your mates in other schools.

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