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US26625 Spoken Interactions - V7 - Preparation Workbook for GROUP Interactions

US26625 Spoken Interactions - V7 - Preparation Workbook for GROUP Interactions


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Introduce your students to the skills involved in participating actively in group conversations.  It specifically focuses on the skills required to achieve the level 1 Unit Standard 26625 Actively Participate in Spoken Interactions but could be used for any introduction to group conversation skills.


It is included in version 7 tasks for this standard, so please don't purchase this separate resource if you're purchasing any US26625 that I've written for that version.


This is an editable workbook, so teachers can put their own spin on it if needed. It includes:

  • A clickable Table of Contents Page Checkpoints to help students with time-management
  • An explanation of what students will do
  • Identifying what a face-to-face conversation is
  • Participation - what that looks and sounds like
  • Feeling shy
  • What NZQA is looking for
  • Situational awareness
  • Body language (including how furniture can help and hinder this)
  • Keeping a conversation going
  • Checking for understanding
  • Feedback - asking for it, giving it, responding to it
  • Coming to a consensus
  • One page for students to summarise what they've learned.
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Sure, feel free to share this with other teachers and as many students as you like in the school you're in at the time of purchase.  Please don't take it with you when you transfer to another school or share with your teacher buddies down the road.  That'd be a bit stink.

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