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US 30507 Write a Short Text Under Test Conditions - V2 - Covid-19

US 30507 Write a Short Text Under Test Conditions - V2 - Covid-19


Scaffold your students through Unit Standard 30507 Write a short text under test conditions - one of the EAP standards with this complete resource.  It includes all 3 sources, familiarisation activities, plus the assessment itself.


This resource includes:

⭐ A student preparation booklet.

⭐ A student assessment booklet.

⭐ A coversheet to help you with grading and moderation.

⭐ Teacher guidelines.


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ Clear instructions for students (and separate ones for teachers too).

❤️ Guidelines on timing in the assessment.

❤️ A planning page and checklist in the assessment booklet.

❤️ All 3 source materials plus familiarisation activities.

❤️ Checkpoints to ensure students are prepared for their assessment on time.

❤️ Unpacked achievement criteria.

❤️ Information and short activities about the skills needed.

❤️ An example (not an NZQA exemplar), which students annotate using a list to guide them in what to look for.

❤️ Complete editablilty.



🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to an A4 page. This means your resource:

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.
  • Is printable 📃

🖥️ A flat-packed version - this means your students can edit digitally ONLY the parts they should. The rest is locked down to prevent them damaging it.

🖥️ A PDF version


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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Feel free to share with the colleagues in your department, but not with other schools.  Thank you.  :)

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