US30511 - EAP L3 - Read and Apply Understanding in English for Academic Purposes

US30511 - EAP L3 - Read and Apply Understanding in English for Academic Purposes


See a video flipbook of this resource here.

This is one of five unit standards in NZQA's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) suite for Level 3. It involves students reading two texts to identify information, analyse and evaluate it in relation to a research question. They must then process that information into another form to further show their understanding of each text. The resource comes in a zipped folder which holds:

  1. The complete task book in Microsoft PowerPoint (easily upload to Google as a Google Slide production). EDIT to suit your needs / your students' needs. Students can type answers straight into text boxes provided.
  2. A 'frozen' version of the task book (also in PowerPoint which of course can also be uploaded to Google). Content is copied as a page background so that students can not destroy the content accidentally. The can still work on this digitally by inserting text boxes in the spaces provided.
  3. An answer key for the activities requiring students to identify, analyse and evaluate information.
  4. An answer key for the practice assessment.


The workbook includes:

  • a section on reading skills
  • an activity to test students' reading 'warrant of fitness' and
  • a practice activity modelled on the actual assessments.
  • Two assessment tasks.  As required by the standard, both texts are worked on in this booklet, allowing students to achieve the standard once they have completed it.  


Please note, due to copyright, the texts for the assessments are provided as a hyperlink only. Students can access them online, but it would also pay for teachers to print them for students so they can sit them beside them while they work on their answers digitally.


Students can work digitally, as mentioned above, or the workbook can be printed to allow students to handwrite. Those working digitally can take advantage of hyperlinks to help navigate the document (page numbers are also given for students working in print).


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Once purchased, you are welcome to share this document with colleagues in your school, but not those elsewhere. Share with as many students as you like. This is more than fair. Thanks in advance for respecting this. :)

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