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US30509 - EAP L3 - Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of a Short Spoken Text

US30509 - EAP L3 - Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of a Short Spoken Text


See a video flipbook of this resource here.


This is a complete workbook designed to scaffold students through Unit Standard 30509 Demonstrate and apply understanding of a short, spoken text in English for an academic purpose – version 1.  This standard is one of NZQA’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) suite.  It follows the theme of Covid-19.

Included in this resource:

  • A complete student workbook in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 document) - easily upload to your Google Drive where it will convert to Slides if you want to share with students via Google.
  • A transcript for practice activity 1
  • Exemplar answers to practice activities 1 and 2
  • A link to the assessment text (a video)
  • A transcript of the assessment text (if you’d prefer to read it)
  • Exemplar answers to the assessment activity
  • Instructions / suggestions

The student workbook includes:

  • A coversheet for the assessment task.
  • A hyperlinked table of contents.
  • Clearly unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Checkpoints to help students manage their time.
  • A section on listening skills and note-taking.
  • Two practice activities.
  • Tables to guide students in the production of their notes, and recording key points and details.
  • Pages where students can apply the information they heard (although they can use their own paper or create their own digital document if they/you wish)
  • A checklist to help students check their work fulfils requirements.
  • Hyperlinks to help navigate the document (including a 'home' button on every page to take students to the table of contents).  While students must handwrite their assessment, they could do the work that prepares them for this digitally.  Instead of printing out empty booklets when you begin, print their booklets later, just prior to their assessment, so that students can have them sitting beside them as they write.

You can:

  • Edit / Tweak this digital resource to suit your / your students' needs
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on it online (until they get to the actual assessment).  Note, it will easily upload to your Google Drive to convert to Google Slides (as an A4 sized document).
  • Print as hard copy work booklets
  • Save it as a PDF
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Share this with colleagues at your OWN school by all means, but it should not be taken by ANYONE to another school.  These prices are more than fair, as is my sharing policy.  Let's work together eh?!

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