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Setting up Your Digital Classroom Folders

Setting up Your Digital Classroom Folders


Many teachers think they have to use Google Classroom.  You don't.  There are many ways to manage your digital classroom but in this booklet I share a system that works for me ... and it doesn't involve Google Classroom.  This is a tried, tested and extremely successful system for keeping student work organised.  It's safe for assessment collection too!  This booklet takes you through how to set up your systems so that you're all set to go for the year and won't run into any problems.  There are videos to help also (see my Digital Classroom - Tips and How To's page).  This is a 4-page PDF document you can easily print off and sit beside you as you work through the methodical steps - all clearly illustrated with screen snips.  (And in case you're wondering, I use this system for student work and then Microsoft OneNote for class notes and planning.)  With this system, a template to create your own tasks (especially those leading to assessments) and templates to create simple differentiated activities (eg my road theme and sports theme templates) such as comprehension, you'll have everything you need to go digital.  

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    A lot of work went into this.  I’d prefer you kept this resource to yourself.  I’m happy for you to share larger products (like the Achievement Standard and Unit Standard tasks) with others in your department, but this is just a wee price.  Buy your own, and let others buy theirs.  Cheers!  😊

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