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Your Digital Classroom - Tips and 'How Tos'!


PowerPoint Tips

Grab my step-by-step guide here!

Set up your Microsoft OneNote for each class

I'm not a fan of Google Classroom.  Instead I prefer OneNote (but I don't bother with the Class Notebook option) to which I add class notes, website addresses, chalk 'n' talk pages etc.  Here's how I set mine up.   Be aware that when students are working on assignments they do this in the Google Drive folder I've set up and shared with them - see further down the page for more on this.  Note, anyone with Windows 10 will have MS OneNote preloaded.   Otherwise you can access it by logging into Microsoft Office 365 using your school email and password (as can your students).  

Set up your digital classroom for assessments.

A bit quicker for the pro's!

Securing final copies

For beginners

Teachers! Set up your Digital Classroom

To show to your students!  Organisation and sharing.

'How to' posters for your classroom here.

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