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2.9 Responses to Independent Reading - Stalk and Talk

2.9 Responses to Independent Reading - Stalk and Talk


This task booklet, for NCEA Achievement Standard 2.9 Form developed personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence (AS91106) comes with an explanatory video (the link to the YouTube explanation is provided at the beginning of the document).  This is a generic task allowing students to choose the texts they like within the NZQA parameters.  It clearly explains what a response is, what they have to do, and the conditions of assessment.  The Achievement Criteria are clearly unpacked.  Careful note of time-management is made, and a calendar provided to write in due dates of drafts and final copies.  Students are given help with things like how to incorporate quotations correctly and suggestions for how to extend their critical thinking.  The booklet is then clearly divided into six further parts (one for each response) where students are guided with templates to think through three things that made an impression on them and then encouraged to think about how they can link these with themselves, human behaviours and events in the wider world.  They are also encouraged to respond to author/director purpose.  Finally, a checklist is provided within which there are example excerpts.  Students can check their work against this checklist before submitting (errr…we hope).  Hyperlinks to external websites provide additional resources for students.

This resource:

  • Comes in 2 formats - Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slide formats allow you to use as is or edit according to your needs.  You could share the doc with students to type straight into or simply print it off (after editing if you desire it).  
  • Is designed to ensure students have the opportunity to achieve Excellence
  • Includes clearly unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Includes tables and templates, providing a structured and scaffolded approach.
  • Contains hyperlinks for easy referral to parts within the document and also to external web sources.
  • Is able to be shared with others in your department provided they are the ones you work with at the time of purchase.  (Cos let's be realistic about what we all need and share in our schools I say!)
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Just buy one resource, then you're welcome to share within your department and with students at your school.  (I’m realistic!)

    However, PLEASE, be fair and refrain from sharing with other schools or other departments.

  • Format

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Google Doc - Make a copy to be able to edit.

    PDF (with active hyperlinks)

  • ON SALE - December and January

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!  :)

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