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1.4 Unfamiliar Texts

1.4 Unfamiliar Texts - Part 3 - Adding Sprinkles (For EXCELLENCE)


The final of the 3-part series on 1.4 Unfamiliar Texts, this editable resource focuses on 'adding the sprinkles' - ie, discussing what's behind and beyond the lines of the text to reach achievement with excellence.


The first 8 texts are the same ones used in part 1 (to achieve) and part 2 (for merit).  This is because if students are familiar with the texts they can concentrate more on their answers.  The final 2 texts however are new and about poems.


We begin with what reading behind the lines (looking at the writer) and beyond the lines (thinking about the world and human behaviour) entail.  Students are then carefully scaffolded through ten activities with each one building on from the last.


Do you need to have completed parts 1 and 2 of this series first?  Not necessarily, but it would help, especially if your students are strugglers.  See these here:


This resource includes:

⭐ A student workbook

⭐ An accompanying PowerPoint presentation for your big screen - just to cover the introductory lessons about reading behind and beyond the lines.


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ Incredible teacher humour throughout.  (LOL)

❤️ Clear explanations, examples and scaffolded activities.

❤️ Using short texts so that students can focus on reading and writing skills rather than wading through time-consuming texts.

❤️ A couple of complete answers that students annotate and grade.  An excellent way to learn!

❤️ A template/guidelines to help student know what to do.

❤️ Mostly NZ texts.

❤️ Being able to use this resource in print or digitally shared formats (though I always recommend printing for activities like this).



Student workbook:

🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to an A4 page.   This means your resource: 

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.
  • Is printable 📃

🖥️ A PDF version


PowerPoint presentation for your big screen:

🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint - editable

🖥️ A PDF version



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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Feel free to purchase just one for your department - no need for a copy for each teacher.  However:

    • Please do NOT share with the school down the road. 
    • Please do NOT take it with you to a new school.
    • Feel free to suggest the website to others - that'd be great!

    That's pretty fair I think!  Let's help each other out.  :)

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