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1.4 Creative Writing - Ye Gods!

1.4 Creative Writing - Ye Gods!


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This resource guides students through the level 1 Achievement Standard 1.4 Produce Creative Writing (90052).   It is based on the idea used in Glenn Colquhoun’s tale North South in which the gods (ngā Atua) of te ao Māori meet Celtic gods.  While Colquhoun uses verse to tell his tale, students are asked to write prose (although they may add elements of prose such as waiata or karakia to their story).   Many thanks to Glenn Colquhoun for allowing me to springboard from his beautiful book, and to use excerpts for close reading passages which are included as part of this resource.


Within this booklet, students are provided with:

  • A table of contents.
  • Checkpoints – teachers/students can write in dates to ensure students meet the final deadline.
  • Three excerpts from North South with close reading activities.
  • Unpacked achievement criteria
  • Website links and pages to help them research the gods
  • Planning pages
  • A checklist to check their writing against
  • A reference section covering punctuation, figurative language, sound devices, sentence structures and beginnings, tense, and dialogue.


This product includes:

  • The student booklet which can be typed into if shared digitally or written on if printed.