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Creative Writing - Ye Gods!


Take your students to another level as they write about the meeting of a Māori God with one from any other culture!  This task is based on the idea used in Glenn Colquhoun’s tale North South in which the gods (ngā Atua) of te ao Māori meet Celtic gods.  While Colquhoun uses verse to tell his tale, students are asked to write prose (although they may add elements such as waiata or karakia to their story).   


You may recognise this task from the old 1.4 Creative Writing days.  Now's it's been rejigged to remove references to that ol' Achievement Standard to be used as a generic, scaffolded writing task.  Suitable for Year 10-12 (and perhaps year 13).


Many thanks to Glenn Colquhoun for allowing me to springboard from his beautiful book, and to use excerpts for close reading passages which are included as part of this resource.


This resource includes:

⭐ One complete student reference/workbook


You and your students will enjoy:

❤️ Easy navigation with a hyperlinked table of contents and 'home button' on every page.

❤️ Checkpoints – teachers/students can write in dates to ensure students meet the final deadline.

❤️ Three excerpts from North South with close reading activities.

❤️ Website links and pages to students research the gods.

❤️ Planning pages

❤️ A checklist to check their writing against

❤️ A reference section covering punctuation, figurative language, sound devices, sentence structures and beginnings, tense, and dialogue.



🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to an A4 page. This means your resource:

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.
  • Is printable 📃

🖥️ A flat-packed version - this means your students can edit digitally ONLY the parts they should. The rest is locked down to prevent them damaging it.

🖥️ A PDF version


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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    This may be purchased for department use.  Yay!  It must not be shared with teachers in other schools.  Please be fair.

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