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Writing Beautiful Sentences

Writing Beautiful Sentences


Teach your students strategies to WRITE ENGAGING SENTENCES in narrative and descriptive writing by experimenting with a range of language and structural features such as syntax, beginnings, figurative language and so much more. ✍⌨️


⭐You can flip through this resource here!! ⭐


This EDITABLE resource is my go-to for taking students through the 'tricks of the trade' to really enhance their prose. Students gain confidence as they understand that it's okay and fun to experiment and that writing is a craft to be worked at. This resource gives students inspiration (the WHY) and well-explained strategies to try (the HOW).


This is a textbook and workbook in one.  It can be used for just about every middle and high school year level which makes it great value! I've used it for Grade 8 (Year 9) students as well as my seniors in Grade 12 (Year 13).



  • Microsoft PowerPoint meaning, not only can you edit it, but students can type straight into it too.  If you're a Googly school, simply upload the file to your Google Drive or Google Classroom and share that way.  Alternatively, you can print the booklet for students to use as a hard copy.  (There are a couple of hyperlinks there, but these would be simple for you to play from your big screen for the class to watch.)

  • PDF also included.



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