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US3488 Write Business Correspondence - V7 - PRO SPORTS EVENT

US3488 Write Business Correspondence - V7 - PRO SPORTS EVENT


See a video flipbook of this resource here

This is a complete workbook designed to scaffold students through Unit Standard 3488 – Write Business Correspondence for a Workplace – version 7.  Coversheets for grading are also included with this resources as a separate file. Students take on the role of CEO of a professional sporting organisation who is organising the hosting of an international sporting event.  In this role they must write:

  • One internal piece of correspondence – a workplace email
  • One external piece of correspondence – a formal letter

NOTE WELL:  To complete the standard, students must complete:

  • 2 pieces of internal correspondence, and
  • 2 pieces of external correspondence.

THIS TASK COVERS ONE OF EACH OF THOSE.  A second task, with a different workplace scenario and called “The Newbie” is available here It takes students through two other pieces of correspondence so that, between the two tasks they'll finish the four required for this standand.  Whew!


Included in this resource:

  • A complete student workbook in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 document). This is completely editable, so put your own spin on it if you like. Upload to your Google Drive if you prefer a Googley version.
  • A flat-packed version of the workbook which you may prefer to share online with students as it is locked down so that they can edit only the parts they should! This prevents accidental changes or deletion of parts of the resource. Upload to your Google Drive if you prefer a Googley version.
  • A separate file of coversheets for your grading purposes.The answers to an activity requiring students to correct grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • The answers to a short quiz about formats.


The student workbook includes:

  • A hyperlinked table of contents.
  • Clearly unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Two examples of emails – one for internal use, the other for external
  • Checkpoints to help students manage their time.
  • Activities to help students learn about important skills required for this unit standard.
  • Preformatting emailing templates.
  • A checklist to help students ensure they are meeting the criteria in their writing
  • Hyperlinks to help navigate the document (including a 'home' button on every page to take students to the table of contents). 


You can:

  • Edit / Tweak this digital resource to suit your / your students' needs
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on it online.  Note, it will easily upload to your Google Drive to convert to Google Slides (as an A4 sized document).
  • Print as hard copy work booklets.
  • Save it as a PDF


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Share with the colleagues in your department, but please do not send this to your mates in other schools.  Thanks!

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