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US27996 Write Simple Texts (EL -Level 1) - What Are They Doing?

US27996 Write Simple Texts (EL -Level 1) - What Are They Doing?


Flip through the complete resource here.

This resource guides students through Unit Standard 27996 Write simple texts on everyday topics (EL).  It provides an assessment opportunity for ONE of the two written pieces required for the standard.  (For a second writing task for this standard, see My Trip to School where students write a recount.)


For this task, students must write a description.  They are given the opportunity to describe a photo (four supplied to choose from), a video clip (link supplied) or, if you’re up to it, write ‘hot’ while they’re watching (for example) students playing handball at lunchtime, an assembly etc.


In their booklet, students:

  • Have the opportunity to practice describing a photo and a video with friends.  These activities are scaffolded with prompts and ideas.
  • Are provided with a list of things to check in their writing (unpacked achievement criteria).
  • Read and annotate an example.
  • Choose their photo or video clip to write about (obviously, you can guide them in this).
  • Complete activities to help plan their writing.
  • Go over key grammatical requirements for the standard.
  • Draft, edit, then complete a final copy of their work.


For teachers, there is also a formal coversheet supplied with achievement criteria and must-know notes from the guidance information provided by NZQA.


This resource comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages).  This means you can:

  • Edit / Tweak it to suit your / your students' needs.
  • Upload to Google if you prefer ‘Slides’ over PowerPoint.
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on them online.  
  • Print as hard copy work booklets. 




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