US27996 Write Simple Texts (EL -Level 1) - Travelling to School

US27996 Write Simple Texts (EL -Level 1) - Travelling to School


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This task guides students through ONE of the two required pieces of writing for them to gain the NZQA English Language Unit Standard 27996. Students must write about a past experience of travelling to school. It comes complete with:

  • Carefully unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Simple teaching points around those achievement criteria.
  • Activities designed to scaffold students to success.



This resource comes in Microsoft Publisher and Google Slides formats - both resized to A4 pages.  This means you can use this resource digitally or print it to provide students with hard copy.  In addition, you can edit this resource to suit your particular needs!  

This may look a simple resource, but a lot of careful design has gone into it to ensure it caters for the English Language Learner who is functioning at Level 1 of the curriculum.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    You may share this with teachers within your department but those teachers must be from the department you were in at the time of purchase.  Please don't send it to your teaching mates down the road.  Thank you for respecting my hard work.