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US10792 Write Formal Personal Correspondence - COVERSHEETS

US10792 Write Formal Personal Correspondence - COVERSHEETS


These are cover/grading sheets to attach to students' writing pieces for NZQA Unit Standard 10792 Write Formal Personal Correspondence - version 6 for level 2.  Included are templates as well as grading sheets for 4 task ideas, all preloaded with descriptors.  Yay!


This resource includes:

A top sheet stating the standard and NZQA guidelines. Includes a handy hyperlink to the standard itself as well as space to add notes re moderation and final grades.

A generic grading page of the requirements/criteria with space for you to add your own descriptors (that relate to your task), as well as room to record achieved/not achieved against each of the criteria.

A template to use for 'unpacking' requirements for students. Grading pages for teachers and students (including descriptors for the tasks as they relate to each of the criteria) for:

  • a cover letter (also included in my task here)
  • an email to dispute a powerbill (also included in my task here)
  • a letter to give feedback to an accommodation facility (recent holiday)
  • an email to request information.


Particularly handy?

❤️ This is all totally editable, so you can tweak as you like.

❤️ The blank templates you can add to for any task idea you have.

❤️ The fact that cover/grading sheets for 4 different tasks/purposes are done for you!



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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Feel free to use this within your department, but please be fair and do NOT share with other schools.

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