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The Effect of - Evaluating - Language Techniques - Close Reading

The Effect of - Evaluating - Language Techniques - Close Reading


You know how you ask students to explain the effect of a language technique or quotation - or evaluate it with some critical thinking - during a close reading lesson and they don't know what to say?  Scaffold academic writing by showing them the many ways they can discuss techniques from studied and unfamiliar texts with my works-every-time acronym (FITRACERS) which provides a bank of thinking strategies.


  • Choose a quotation that illustrates a language technique such as a metaphor or a sentence that makes use of heavily connotative vocabulary.
  • Then students apply 9 different thinking strategies to that quotation to describe the effect it has in the text, on the reader, or in telling us something about the writer/narrator.


The FITRACERS acronym appears in my Sift and Lift - Critical Literacy for Senior Students as well as the Getting Cushy with Close Reading resource ... however, in those you don't get all these handy bits:

⭐  Worksheets - 2 designs, each of which you can either print to be written in by hand or share digitally (click and type).

Presentation mode - to put on your big screen. You type a quotation into the box provided, then chalk and talk through what could possibly be said about how the reader feels (mood), inferences, tone, relationship to humanity, ask 'so what'... and so on.

Handouts - for students' books/folders to use as reference when looking at those unfamiliar texts.

Bookmark-sized printables - for some serious saving on printing, or to laminate and plonk in the middle of a group to use during fun unfamiliar texts sessions!

Letters/graphics - for the FITRACERS acronym so that you can copy and paste them into any resource you like!


Honestly, this crazy little acronym pays big dividends! Being able to present/use it in multiple ways means this resource pack is truly multi-purpose. Happy days!


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