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Responding to Texts - Response Journal

Responding to Texts - Response Journal


This is a completely editable response journal that you can print for students to write in or share with them digitally.  It is designed to be used for novel and film studies. 


Sections include:

Background information - make notes about the context of your text (what was happening in the world at the time etc)


Response Journal pages - room for 25 chapters/scenes.  If your text has more than this, you can group chapters (eg ask students to complete a response page at the end of chapter 4).  Each response journal page has room for students to record their thoughts about:








In addition, the top of each page has room to write a brief chapter/scene synopsis.


⭐ A summary of main ideas - students create a one-pager about key ideas as they work through their chapters/scenes, using their response journal pages to help gather evidence.


⭐ An outline of character development.  Students break development into 4 stages, using evidence gathered during their journalling to complete one-pagers about key characters.  There are enough pages to make notes on up to 4 characters, but you can add more if you like.


⭐ Response prompts designed to help students think with a robust literary perspective.



This resource has been written in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized to A4).  If you prefer the Google suite, you can easily upload it to your Google Drive to convert to Slides.


You'll enjoy:

❤️ Fun hyperlinked tabs and home buttons to navigate through the document with ease (for digital users).

❤️ Tabs that make it so quick and easy to find specific sections (for those using a printed copy).

❤️ Tables that encourage students to write about a variety of literary aspects. Filling in a table is much less daunting than being faced with a blank page! You may ask them to complete all boxes on the journal page or to complete those they feel most relevant or perhaps a minimum number (eg: just the character, quotation and main idea notes).

❤️ Prompts that trigger thinking when students are stuck for what to say.

❤️ Prompts that enhance literary thinking.

❤️ The main idea and character development summary pages that will aid study and reference use.

❤️ A booklet that can be added to at home, in school or during relief-lessons.

❤️ A resource that's a brilliant reference for practice essays, open-book tests or study; it condenses key components of your studied text into one place.



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