Notes I Should Have

Notes I Should Have


Ensure your students keep track of the notes you've provided them! You know how your high school students (in particular) get to the end of the unit, term, semester, year ... and half their notes are missing?


Give them one of these templates at the beginning of each unit of work. As student gather notes (copying from the board/screen, handouts, activities etc), they keep a log of them on the sheet. Students can easily check with each other to see if they have all their notes, and if they lend a handout to another student (who was absent the day it was given out for example) to copy, they can write the borrower's name in the "Borrowed by..." column.


Trust me, this system works. Students feel more organised, it encourages them to ensure they have all they need, and it makes you feel better about their preparation.


The templates are in Micorosft PowerPoint format (resized to A4 for printing), so can easily be edited if you like.


25 awesome templates to choose from, including:

  • Generic designs

  • Thematic designs

  • Subject specific designs

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    I'd really appreciate you keeping this resource to yourself.  Sure, share the Achievment and Unit Standard resources with mates in your department, but this one's just for you.  Thanks heaps!