7 Note-taking Techniques

7 Note-taking Techniques


None of these are anything new, however, they're all compiled into one booklet that you can easily distribute in hard copy or online.  In other words, key skills all in one place!  I am adamant that these skills are not just for school work and study, but for life!  In this booklet, students learn how to compile, and are given examples of, the following techniques:

  1. Mind mapping
  2. Bullet-pointing
  3. Annotating
  4. Concept Mapping
  5. Venn Diagrams
  6. Plus-Minus-Interesting
  7. The Chart Method



Please note:  This booklet is one of the resources in the resource for Unit Standard 7120 Note-Taking, so if you have already purchased that resource, then you already have this one!

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