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US7120 Demonstrate Knowledge of Note-taking

US7120 Demonstrate Knowledge of Note-taking


Look through a flipbook of this resource here!

(Please note, this video shows the resource as one document, however it is, in fact, two.  See notes below for more on this.)


This is a complete task workbook and reference book for the NZQA Unit Standard 7120 Demonstrate Knowledge of Note-taking (version 6).  Worth 2 credits, this standard is part of the Work and Study Skills suite.


This task workbook incudes two parts:

  1. A WORKBOOK which is provided as:
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint doc (resized as A4 pages) so it can be edited to better suit the needs of your students or topic, completed by students digitally, or printed as a hard copy booklet. It includes hyperlinks to external sites and to help navigate around the document. If you're a Google user, this can easily be uploaded to your Google Drive and will convert to Google Slides.
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint document that has content 'frozen' to prevent students damaging the format or accidentally deleting any part of it. They can still complete it digitally by inserting text boxes into the spaces provided.

2.  A REFERENCE booklet of 7 Note-taking Techniques which is provided in:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 document) and allowing you to edit it if you like, and
  • A PDF which you might prefer to send to your students if you want to avoid them accidentally deleting or moving parts of the MS version.


As with all Drive Resources' task workbooks, this resource includes:

  • Unpacked achievement criteria (in 'kid speak')
  • Checkpoints to help students manage their time
  • Active hyperlinks to access external sites and for fun and easy navigation.



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    You may share this with members of your department.  Please do NOT share the love with mates in other schools.

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