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Table Templates for Worksheets

Table Templates for Worksheets


Here's a way to save yourself lots of time, encourage critical thinking and conduct formative assessment.  Flip through the entire product here.


You don’t need to do all the laborious stuff!


Many teachers now know the joy that is creating resources with PowerPoint (just resize the slide for an A4 page). You can put images and text aaaaanywhere! Whoop whoop!


It’s easy to create resources that students can type (or write) into by adding tables to your pages. But what a pain it is to format them all. Aaagh!


So here you are! All done for you!


You can:

  • Choose the activity (table) you want, then copy and paste it into your own document, or

  • Save this doc as another name, then shuffle pages around, delete the bits you don’t need, add the text (questions etc) you want. I’ve added a template for a cover in case you want one. (Yes, this product is completely editable!)


Activity templates include:

  • (A cover page for you to use if you want one)

  • Annotation

  • Vocabulary exploration

  • True or false!

  • Matching (items in column A with column B)

  • Q and A

  • Discussing how things are connected

  • Before and after reading (knowledge of aspects)

  • Multiple choice

  • Think-Pair-Share

  • Different points of view

  • Asking how and why questions

  • Putting things in order (sequence of events, prioritising etc)

  • Venn diagram

  • Thinking critically about an event

  • Thinking critically about a person/character

  • Thinking critically about a setting


Remember, it’s easy to edit anything I have here, including the text I’ve already added. You can also easily make rows higher if you need more room to write or add/delete more rows.


Note: This resource has not been created for you to print directly. It’s for you to use electronically to create your own resources in a speedy way … which you can then share digitally with or print for your students.


This product comes in Microsoft PowerPoint, but you can easily upload this to your Google Drive where it will convert with no fuss to Google Slides. Yay! Enjoy!

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    This is just for you.  If your colleages or mates want a copy, send them here!  I mean, $3?!  Thanks heaps!  :)

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