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Valentine's Day in English and Literature

Valentine's Day in English and Literature


Celebrate Valentine's Day with minimal disruption to your crazy time-pressed ELA program with these activities that foster skills like responding with critical thinking and writing!  Some of these ideas can be used with current text studies too. Yay, because TIME IS PRECIOUS, but you still want a bit of FUN in class, right?!


With this resource, students:

  • Are provided with some soppy quotes and poems from literature and given some guidance about looking for sensory experiences, imagery, figurative devices, striking vocabulary etc. which they then use to write a response to their favourite. 
  • Research some real-life love stories, then write a haiku about them.
  • Write poems that are a mix of lines from students' favourite love songs.
  • Write 'drabble' (short fiction of less than 100 words) about the love story between two characters in a text they're studying now.
  • Use the figurative device of apostrophe to write a monologue by one character about another character in a text that students are studying.  These characters must hate but have a grudging respect for each other. 
  • Explain something they feel 'gut-love' about (think tūrangawaewae or pounamu).
  • Are challenged to find any text that doesn't include some type of love story!


Share this resource digitally or print it. It comes in PowerPoint with editable fields for students to type into. Printing this resource will work too - students will not be able to click on hyperlinks provided in two of the pages, however they could still manage the activities without these.



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    If you want copies for multiple teachers, email me first.  The pleasure I take from this courtesy will earn you rewards.  Trust me.  :)

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