US3491 Write a Report

US3491 Write a Report


See a flipbook of this resource here.

This is a generic task that takes students how to write a report.


This task booklet can be used digitally (shared online with students) or can be printed and then completed by students by hands. The product comes in two formats:

1. Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 booklet). This means it is FULLY EDITABLE, allowing you to tweak it to suit the needs of your students.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint with pages FROZEN as backgrounds. Students simply add text boxes to the spaces provided. This means there is no chance students could delete or 'muck up' vital parts of their booklet! In other words, it's like a PDF but students can easily add their notes to it because it's still essentially a Microsoft PowerPoint document.

These documents can easily be uploaded to your Google Drive where they will covert easily to booklets in the Google Slides app.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    As per all Unit Standard and Achievement Standard task booklets, you may share this with others in your department and as many students as you like, however you must not share this with anyone from other schools.  That's VERY fair; please respect this.  :)

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