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US31001 Read Simple Texts for Everyday Practical Purposes (EL - Level 1)

US31001 Read Simple Texts for Everyday Practical Purposes (EL - Level 1)


Flip through the practice assessments here.

This resource pack gives students the opportunity to practice, then sit TWO reading assessments required to complete NZQA Unit Standard 31001 - Read and understand simple texts for everyday practical purposes (EL) - Level 1, version 1.  Students:

1. Complete practice assessment 1 (a set of instructions).

2. Complete ACTUAL assessment 1 (also a set of instructions).

3. Complete practice assessment 2 (a brochure advertising a cafe)

4. Complete ACTUAL assessment 2 (also a brochure advertising a cafe)

Note: For obvious reason, the flipbook video shows only the practice assessments, NOT the actual ones!


This resource includes:

⭐ TWO reading assessments with clear links to each of the 3 achievement criteria.

⭐ Practice assessments for each of the two reading assessments.

⭐ Answers for the actual and practice assessments.

⭐ A cover sheet to complete for grading and moderation.

⭐ Instructions should you need extra guidance.



✅ Completely editable (except for the texts that the students read). This means you can tweak any questions you like.

✅ Microsoft PowerPoint - slides are in A4 size, meaning you can print for hardcopy distribution.



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